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Monday, March 10, 2008

Why I won't vote Democrat

I'm not a politically involved person. Unless there's an issue of real importance to me - like pocketbook issues or presidential election- you'll rarely find me discussing politics with friends or co-workers. Rarely do I get up early on Sunday mornings to watch the talking heads and political pundits discussing what's going on nationally or internationally.

During the Reagan era I was more in tune politically because here was a man who would make Americans again proud of our country. Carter had made America suffer through four years mental depression. Watching him light candles while the Iranians held Americans hostage made my skin crawl. "Is that the only response from the worlds no. 1 superpower!", I thought. Here we were, being mocked by a two bit second rate country. How the mighty had fallen.

The Clinton era also kept me politically aware because the guy was such a clown that I couldn't wait to hear what Rush had to say about the First Family and the fellow Clintonistas. The guy had charisma, I have to admit. That charisma, and my disgust with Bushes backtracking on the no new taxes pledge, sold me the used car, the snake oil that Bubba peddled. I didn't make the same mistake in 96. Reagan inspired me Clinton amused me, both good reasons to keep my interest. I didn't get this from either of the two Bushes. Sure, I voted for both but not because they were my favorites. This year again I will vote for a candidate that does not inspire me to be politically motivated but I'll vote for him for the same reason both Bushes got my vote. I refuse to vote Democrat.

In my opinion, the Democratic party has - over the last 30 years or so- become the refuge of crypto socialist and neo-communist. It has become the party of self hatred, the party of big government, the party that our enemies love. It has become the party of those who are arrogant and condescending.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama bring nothing new to the table. Both resort to more government to fix crisis that don't exist. Both are anti-business and protectionist. Both cater to eco loonies and far left idealist. Neither care about protecting our borders. Both hide their contempt for free expression with politically correct jargon.

More of the same.

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