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Friday, March 14, 2008

SNL not pro-Hillary: So says producer (wink, wink)

Saturday Night Live (SNL) producer Lorne Michaels insists that SNL does not favor Hillary Clinton over Barack Hussein Obama despite sketches which casts Sen. Obama as an empty suit that gets favorable treatment from the general press.

“I’m sensitive to the suggestion that we’re in the service of Hillary Clinton this year,” he said. “That obviously is not the case.” He added, “We don’t lay down for anybody.”

Yeah, right. The timing of the sketches - and of guest host Tina Fey's unequivocal endorsement of Hillary - before crucial (for Hillary) primaries in Ohio and Texas definitely helped Clinton. Before SNL's sketches the perception was that Obama was receiving fluff treatment by this nations unbiased(wink, wink) media, like CNN, NBC, CBS, The Times, The Post, etc..etc. (the usual suspects). According to the same entities that gage public perception the situation changed after SNL's deliberate attempt to......excuse me, sorry, after SNL's innocent attempt at humor by casting Hillary in a favorable spotlight (and, hopefully, increasing viewers). You see it was all just political humor, something SNL used to be good at years ago.

In his defense Mr. Michaels points out that most of the cast and writers of the show are Obamatrons. Heck, even Jim Downey - creator of the most recent pro Hillary sketches - would "definitely" vote for Obama if he was the democratic nominee. Not a ringing endorsement in my book but an expected one considering that Mr. Downey is - surprise - a democrat.

Personally, I can't wait (not really) until this thing with the democrats is decided for I predict that Mr. Michaels, Mr.Downey and the rest of the SNL casts will just skewer Sen. McCain. All in the quest for political humor (and ratings), of course (wink, wink).

For the complete story see http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/13/arts/television/13snl.html?em&ex=1205553600&en=65004fe840701e31&ei=5070

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