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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obama: Race not issue!!!

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Hussein Obama announced that important issues, not race, are what determine how voters decide after receiving 90% of the Black vote in his most recent primary victory. And he said this with a straight face. Apparently, Sen. Obama believes that issues only count when Whites and Hispanics vote because it's clear that he's pocketed the Black vote.

A daily tracking poll just released by Rasmussen shows that race does play a significant role in determining who supports Sen. Obama. Blacks support Obama over Sen. Clinton by an overwhelming margin, 81% to 7% while White voters give Hillary a more balanced but still substantial edge of 50% to 39%.

Considering that both Obama and Clinton stance on the issues is virtually identical there's plenty of evidence to suggest that Black voters prefer Obama because he is ehhhh.... Black! But Obama doesn't think so, hmmmm... I wonder why? Maybe he hopes willing accomplices in the media will follow this line. I think Geraldine Ferraro was right! Obama is still a candidate because of overwhelming Black support for a fellow Black.

Good news on the Rasmussen poll. McCain leads both Clinton and Obama in a head to head race by 1-2%. This, in my opinion, is significant since Republicans usually trail by much larger margins in early polls.

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