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Friday, March 14, 2008

Correa to Bush: "Shut Up!!!!"

Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa a.k.a "little Chavez" has just issued a mano - a - mano challenge to President Bush; either you send brave American troops to our border with the nasty Colombians or shut up. He followed the outburst by threatening to hold his breath until Bush gives him an answer.

"My boys can't fight" implied Correa. "Those nasty rebels don't fight fair. They use real bullets and could kill our soldiers if I try to protect Ecuadoran sovereignty." Correa was practically in tears as he lamented the fact his troops lacked cojones. In the background could be seen embattled Venezuelan president Hugo "Fidel, you had me at hola" Chavez throwing darts at a dart board with a head shot of President Bush.

Mr. Correa was also visibly mad at Spain "after Madrid newspaper El Pais printed allegations the Ecuadoran government was mixed up with FARC rebels." "Oye, gallegos" Correa shouted at no one in particular, "you guys are way over there in Europe. Send your troops here or mind your own business. I hate you..I hate you!!

As the news conference continued Mr. Correa got even more agitated. He now demanded that not only should the US and Spain send troops but that the UN also send multi-national troops to the Ecuadoran - Colombian border "or you shut up too.....you don't know how grateful we would be, how much trouble you'd save us."

Ecuadoran Defense Minister Wellington Sandoval also appeared to be mad and hurt by allegations that his country and the FARC rebels got along very well, "falsehoods", that's what's in El Pais. "I'm going to sue".

Call me a skeptic but I believe that Ecuador is harboring FARC rebels. Before Colombia sent in troops FARC was operating freely inside Ecuador. Correa's contention that Ecuador is powerless to intervene against FARC rebels rings hollow given that Ecuadoran troops were swiftly moved into the same region in a show of force designed to intimidate Uribe.

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